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Gabhan Chalmers

Great ride, thanks to those who showed up to brave the cold.
Something I should have gone over before the ride, but didn't have a chance to print out, just some quick pointers that apply to all rides:

- only club members may participate in rides (either at the start or on course)
- no more than 20 riders in a group
- ride two abreast, 'tight-and-to-the-right’
- paceline rotates clockwise at 30s - 3min intervals, maintaining ‘2-up’ formation at all times; if new to the group, simply slot in toward the back at beginning of ride and follow our lead; ask anyone for info/guidance at any time
- it is not mandatory to participate in the rotation
- never cross the yellow line or run red lights, avoid half-wheeling and sudden movements, and report dangerous riding
- stay to the right on a climb and only pass on the left
- maintain good communication up and down the line; call out road hazards and traffic, advise the group when a rider is off the back or struggling
- know the route, particularly when you’re on the front, and signal turns well in advance
- in the case of a flat or mechanical, the group will wait unless other arrangements are made
- let others know if you are planning on leaving the group

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